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Analogue to Digital: Meriam Benkirane


'WX'//CLTV first came across Meriam's art on a field trip to Morocco, We we're taken aback by the playfulness and complexity of her work, and thus it seemed a natural collaboration to combine her surreal interwoven geometry with the our latest venture into 3D NFT experience development"


Meriam I Acrylic


"Bringing Meriam's artistic vision into the realm of motion and 3D was both challenging and exciting. She told me early on that she envisions herself moving through three-dimensional space while she constructs her paintings, so that helped evolve the creative direction for each piece." 

Meriam I
Meriam II
Meriam III

"In the end, I think we arrived at a series of pieces that retain the light and playfulness of the original. I think our series helps expand Meriam's artistic vision into new platforms of expression."

Christian Kastner  Creative Technologist / Digital Developer @ WX//CLTV


“Through my work, I try to express my feelings and critics towards our complex ways of living where many elements collide: Humans vs time, organic vs mechanic, physical vs virtual. 


I tell deconstructed stories about ultra-modern ways of life. Using vivid and dazzling colors, those human and urban mechanics aim to express the opposition between social promises and disenchantment, perception and reality, all of which are signs of our era that offers beauty as much it threatens of chaos.”

Meriam Benkirane, Casablanca Morocco, Circa 2022

With a background in Interior Design & Business, Meriam Benkirane understands the ‘mechanics’ of visuals and in 2009 decided to dedicate herself to her lifelong passion of drawing and painting. 


2022 has been an exciting year for Meriam…After several group art shows, she’s finally got her first solo gallery exhibit upcoming, as well as launching her second large-scale outdoor art commission and finally, collaborating with WX//CLTV to create life-like 3-D NFT animations of her work to be sold and displayed in the digital art and metaverse spaces. 


Born in Casablanca, Morocco into an academic family, Meriam expresses sociological and philosophical interpretations relationships of homeland, state and personal perspectives through playful interconnected geometric structural works.

Be sure to check out her upcoming show + NFT's launched this year. 
Follow Meriam at:

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