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PARALLEL was founded by Luar, a visual storyteller who grew up moving between several countries. Living in different cultures sparked her passion of sharing stories about our commonalities as human beings, to open people’s minds and invite new perspectives. She has worked professionally in the creative industries for over a decade as a self-shooting director, editor, and photographer for a diverse range of clients worldwide on creative, commercial and corporate projects in the film, art, music, education and fashion sectors amongst others. Realising there is a great disparity between the positive impact she grew up to believe the arts can have on the world and how inaccessible they actually are for most people, she created PARALLEL to shift the paradigm while empowering more people to nurture their creativity. 
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"PARALLEL is a video production company focused on inspiring creativity through real life experiences.  

We believe that creativity is inseparable to our humanity and that art (in all its forms) is a basic human need. It is the most common global language in which we communicate emotions and connect with each other and is therefore a force for positive change.

This is why we focus on creating & publishing artist-focused, personality-driven, documentaries that share the authentic voice and stories of artists from all disciplines and backgrounds. Through digital content creation we hope to build a bridge between the arts and the rest of the world, making the arts more accessible to everyone, everywhere."
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