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"Music for ceremonial dance floors"


  1. Animal Carnival - Bantu Band - 

  2. Ekiti Sound / House Of Mizchif Rmx

  3. Dust  - Ilu & Aye

  4. A Song For Lara - Ekiti Sound

  5. Ife - Ekti Sound (Wd Rmx)

  6. Shinda  Enzo Siffredi & Baqabo

  7. Bata  - Ekiti Sound 

  8. Kasai Muene - Kasai Allstars (Ekiti Sound Remix)

  9. Songbird - Lea & Muzikman Feat Tweety (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)

  10. Process - Oziriz

  11. Afrikana- Oba Franks Lords

  12. Aaoporo - Roberto Palmero

  13. Dayike - Le Croque

  14. Magic (Tsos Remix) P60 Lisa Shaw

  15. Bambelela Feat Bongan Techtonic Tay Edward

  16. Abantu - Christos Forkis

  17. Jolly Roger (Badbox Rmx) - Chris Child

  18. Sixth Sense Feat Urusla Josh Wink 

  19. Ouana (Extdmix) - Robin M

  20. Medusa - Casa Flaya

  21. Amazon - Team Distant

  22. Ensiiti - Roberto Palmero

  23. Klop - Tsos

  24. Imbalaye (Boddhi Satva) - Bob Sinclair

  25. Kill Frenzy - No Panties

  26. Re.You - They Vibe Feat The Lazarusman

  27. Pluie - Dj Oil

  28. Airglow Fires - Lone





Leke “CHiF” Awoyinka has carved a unique niche as a multi discipline sound artist continually searching to connect audio bleeps between his experiences living/working across Europe and Africa. 


Having been described often by his peers as having an audio fingerprint that is “10 minutes in the future but etched in legacy", Leke’s debut project Ekiti Sound debut album “Abeg No Vex” won the German Music Critics Award 2019 for 'Best Experimental Eletronica' album beating out the likes of heavyweights like 'Flying Lotus. 


The award was voted for by over 150 music critics across Europe, and marked the arrival of Ekiti Sound as a genre defying act to watch shaping the new sound of Afro-Fusion. 


ABEG NO VEX is thus an exploration of identity in flux. Voiced through a layered
collage of Yoruba, English and pidgin, it’s oral storytelling communicated through a
cast of featured vocalists who alongside Ekiti Sound sing, rap and employ spoken
word to deliver their cacophony of fables. But the album simultaneously presents its
narrative through the instrumentals: “If I can’t say what I want to say without me
verbally saying it, if I can’t paint a picture of Lagos where you can feel the generator
going all night and the mosquitos over your head, then I’m not there yet,” Ekiti Sound
says of the process.

Deploying a wide range of signifiers, from the pidgin Naijá on dramatic album opener ‘Land of the Talking Drums’ to highlife guitar on ‘Oba Oluwa’ and streetlife sound recordings on the melancholy ‘Lagos Lullaby’, the album is a true representation of the Lagos mainland city of Ikeja where it was made, ten minutes’ away from Fela Kuti’s New Afrika Shrine venue.


Now a cornerstone in the growing Nigerian electronic community, he has prioritised deep indigenous sounds and samples from Yoruba culture, fusing them with distinct upbeat rhythms.


Recent releases from Ekiti Sound have been a slew of remixes for  Kasai AllStars, Batida, South African eclectic critics favourite songbird Buujin and also european afro big band Muito Kaballa, which garnered BBC Radio support and club DJ rotation.


Leke has performed across the globe as a DJ and Live act at festivals such as Coachella, The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, WeOutHere,  WorldWide Festival, Secret Garden Party to name a few, whilst also constantly popping up to do guest slots on radio stations such as Rinse FM. HIs infectious high energy , drum heavy tribal style of playing has heated dance floors and punters, while constantly flying the flag fro Nigerian electronica.


Currently putting the finishing touches  on the sophomore release from Ekiti Sound for release in 2022 on Crammed Discs (Be)

Catch Ekiti Sound on Instagram: Here and Here and Here

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