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'WX'//CLTV first came across Narino's art travelling, performing and DJ'ing in Mexico City. We we're taken aback by the simplicity, yet depth and impact of his work. The almost 'playful' geometry meets curious meta-verse imagination was a natural fit for us with our latest venture into 3D NFT experience development"

The euphoric brutalism of Mexico City's: Nariño

Narino I
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Christian Kastner  Creative Technologist @ WX//CLTV

“Nariños paintings presented an interesting challenge to adapt into 3D because his work incorporates bold lines and colors. Recreating this in a 3D scene that looks believable can be difficult but I think we arrived a compelling and striking extension of his work by grounding his work in physically accurate landscapes and scenes.”

Narino I
Narino work 1.jpg

‘Although technically speaking, one could define his work in essence as an exploration of light, colour and geometry, what makes it particularly unique is his digital graphic design meets architectural creative process, which Narino then translates by hand onto his large-scale one-off acrylic canvas pieces’


This combined with Nariño’s brutalist inspired aesthetic, creates 3-D illusionary ambient form narratives which often seems to defy convention of his often intentionally 2-D work.

Born in Mexico City in 1978 the nephew of Jorge Alzaga, a renowned Mexican painter (active 1960-1980’s) to two creative parents, Nariño Tierno Alzaga seemed almost destined to become the multi-disciplinary artist he is today.


Originally sketching and drawing as a child, Nariño eventually studied ‘New Media Arts’ at the Long Island University (Brooklyn, NY) in the late 90’s. While exploring his voice through various forms of visual art, mixed media, music and design, Nariño eventually settled on visual art as primary artistic identity. 

With a first group exhibit at the iconic Loot Gallery in 2020, and soon to follow up with solo show at the equally impressive Momoroom CDMX in 2021, Narino is accustomed to having each piece snatched often times before the are even complete by his near ‘cult like’ fan-base.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-16 at 4.32.54 PM.jpeg

Most recently in 2022, Narino started working with WX//CLTV 4-D artist ‘There Alongside’ on dynamic spatial re-interpretations of his existing static pieces. Taking greater advantage or the multimedia nature of the NFT Metaverse potentiality. More on this shortly to be announced. 

Be sure to check out his upcoming show + NFT's launched this year. 
Follow Narino at:

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