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Founder & Creative Director

Japhy - Leytonstone Shoot - August 2021 - 147_edited.jpg
Launched in June 2021 (by Canadian born, nomadic-multimedia artist), Japhy Vansan founded WX//CLTV (WAX Collective) as a digital 'art house' brand for his various style aliases and media iterations.

Over the last 3 years, WX//CLTV has become a well defined record label, as well as home to a global community of collaborators from across the world. 

As of 2024 WX//CLTV is excited to be 
branching out into cinematic video, fine art, and media. 

Content Manager & Brand Representative

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 2.01.53 AM.png
Han Nguyen (the ‘Hanburger’) is our newest member of the team taking on the role of further developing the 'digital' relationship with our core audience. 

She has an industry background in fashion, art / design and event management and is a huge fan of all things creative

If you've been in touch lately it's most likely with our most beautiful and kind Han.

Brand Ambassador & Live Events 

Screenshot 2024-07-18 at 11.12.21 PM 1.jpeg
Rado (aka Radushko) is currently touring as a DJ, promoting WX//CLTV globally via WX//CLTV Dance Nights events and beyond...He is our outreach representative, fielding the best and freshest creative collaborators across different countries, scenes and genres.

Check out his WX//CLTV DJ mix


Brand Strategy & Representation

Zach Image.jpeg
Zach Diaz is a music industry veteran with a diverse range of affiliations. From head of digital for Red Bull Music (RED), to Sony, The Orchard, to Sound Stripe and Vydia, Zach is at the core of strategic planning, operations and brand development as of 2024 at WX//CLTV.

More on his history 2121 article here
Connect with Zach on Linked here

Digital Developer / Creative Technologist 

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-24 at 3.44_edited.jpg
One of our NFT & digital art and tech collaborators, Christian Kastner is a Creative Developer that works in both the physical and digital space. Both a figurative artist and a digital creator, he specializes in the merger between art, design, and technology. A firm believer in iteration and flexibility, Christian sees the creative process as something dynamic where we begin with an idea and solve problems along the way. Technology can be stretched and molded to allow your wildest ideas to come to life.
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