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Japhy - Leytonstone Shoot - August 2021 - 147.jpg

Launched in June 2021 by international music producer / artist  Japhy Vansan, WX//CLTV (WAX Collective) is a fast growing creative company based on collaboration of kindred spirits who share a passion to transcend genres, labels & stereotypes.

Having been featured on nearly 100 x Spotify Official playlists over the last year, we average 2 million streams per month across the 4 artists in our catalogue, and have new releases every week:

Melodic Ambient  

@ 1M streams per month avg

Yoga & Meditation

@ 450k streams per month avg

Lofi & Chill Beats

@ 450k streams per month avg

Lounge & Dance Electronica

@ 100k streams per month avg

We are adding another 50 releases across 6 new artists for 2023:

Cinematic Ambient

Spa / Wellness


Ambient / AMSR

White Noise / AMSR

Indie Lofi 

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