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'Rootsy ambient breakbeat spirituals'

A deeply personal album, FORVRNSS is the singer-songwriter project by Japhy Vansan, an international music producer / DJ and visual artist. 


With a musical history dating back to his first Major-Label signing as singer / songwriter in Toronto circa 1994, Japhy Vansan (aka Robert Strauss) first rose to prominence in the UK dance music scene in the mid 2000's, and has been a prolific artist and cross-genre producer since.

Working from various locations globally while producing in ambient, dance and electronica genres, Japhy's various releases for WX//CLTV have hit more than 10 million streams this past year on Spotify. 

Conceived in late 2019 at WAX (Japhy's east London based commercial studio),
FORVRNSS is the unexpected results of a lifetime of crate digging, and the transcendental fusion all things eternal.


/ All songs written, produced & performed by FORVRNSS 
/ Live drums and inspiration by Radushko
/ Video cinematography by Carl @ Muphovi

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