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Japhy Vansan (a.k.a. Robert Strauss) is a Canadian-born music producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, mix engineer, DJ, visual artist and facilitator. These days expect him travelling the planet, connecting the dots of global community, inspired by freedom of communication in music, arts and culture.

Initially signed to various major label development deals in Canada 1994 and later founding London's 'WAX' Recording Studio 2010, Japhy has produced, some hundreds of tracks for artists as well as his out artistic output.

As featured this year on 80 x Official Spotify playlists... 
My work is currently streaming at 10 million plays per year across three projects, including my back catalogue on UK & European labels: BBEFreerange Records, Defected, Tokyo Dawn RecordsExpansion RecordsSouljazz Records, Sony BMG, and major latin american indie label Nacional Records.


Early life (Canada):

Raised by artistic parents, Robert was influenced and encouraged by his mother, Angie (who is an oil painter),to develop his interest in music. From the age of five, Robert played piano, guitar and drums without any formal training. Robert grew up in a small town called Niagara on the Lake, Ontario and was a local guitarist playing in a high school rock band and getting occasionally studying with local guitar teacher / mentor Steve Kostyk. Eventually he left the group and his hometown roots at the age of 17 to pursue his career in music in Toronto.

1993 - Live Sound Engineer to Major Label signing (Canada):

  • Robert was working in Toronto at a guitar shop where he met music producers Peter Prilesnick and Matthew Dematteo and formed the rock band 'Life'. They were signed to major label Warner Electra Atlantic / WEA, with Robert writing the material, singing and fronting the band. They were voted in the top 10 upcoming bands by Canadian Industry Journal 'The Record'They recorded two albums (unreleased by label) and then broke up.

1997- Recording for Warner / Electra / Atlantic in Seattle (USA) :

  • Robert relocated to Seattle Washington, and formed 'Children', another rock group as the principal writer, vocalist and guitarist with Drummer John Wicks and Organist Joe Doria. 'Children' recorded a self produced album for Warner Electra Atlantic / WEA which was not picked up by a label.

In 1999, Robert relocated back to Toronto, Canada and worked as sound engineer at The Cameron Public House, a well-known live music venue.

2000- Sound Engineer (Toronto, Canada):

  • Shortly after he opened a recording studio and was working with various Hip-Hop Artists including Saukrates, Colin Munroe and Brass Munk (EMI), while continuing to work as a sound engineer at various night clubs and theatres.

2004 Music Producer / Film & TV Composer / Studio Engineer (Canada, UK):

  • In 2004 Robert's first releases as an electronic & dance music producer started to appear in various genres including: House, Broken Beat, Techno, Hop Hop and Soul mainly on UK based record labels. His first full-length album Quasars & Phasars was picked up and released by Jimpster on Freerange Recordings. He also has produced music for 12 albums and music for film and television under the banner of his commercial music company 'Strauss Commercial Creative' including commercially available titles commissioned by Union Square Music (Song BMG).


Early life (Canada)
ive Sound Engineer
Recording for Warner / Electra / Atlantic
Sound Engineer (Toronto, Canada):
Music Producer / Film & TV Composer
Electronic / Dance Music Producer:

Electronic / Dance Music Producer (Toronto, Canada / London UK):


  • In 2007, Robert's second album Mr Feelings was released on BBE and featured collaborations with Leroy BurgessBaatin of Slum Village, Saidah Baba Talibah, Richie Hennessey of Brass Munk, and Moka Only. Robert relocated to London, England and toured Europe in support of his second album.

  • In 2009, Robert released the Odyssey Man EP on BBE and featured collaborations with Leroy Burgess, Richie Hennessey and Ayah. Robert relocated to London, England and toured Europe in support of his second album.

  • From 2004-2009 Robert's work and collard as a dance, funk, hip hop and soul music producer has been licensed on numerous CD compilations and remixed by: DJ SpinnaJoey NegroRecloose, Osunlade, Henrik SchwarzYamwho? and many others.

2010 - Founder WAX Recording Studio (London UK):

  • In 2010, Robert opened WAX Recording Studio originally based in East London on Bricklane (Circa 2010), in Dalston (Circa 2013) and Westham (Circa 2015), and Brighton UK.(Circa 2020) 


Many well-known artists record there including: Sugarhill GangJordan RakeiKwabsBarns CourtneyRejjie SnowBlue Lab Beats, Andrew RoachfordOmar Lye Fook, OdysseyPaul Jackson, Xantoné Blacq, Ahmed AbdullahSwing Out SisterAntonio SanchezPersonal Life, D'Nell, Da Lata & Lyric L. 

Founder WAX Recording Studio
2010-2013 (LONDON, UK) BRICKLANE, E2
2015-2020 (LONDON, UK) WESTHAM, E16
2013-2015 (LONDON, UK) DALSTON, E8
2020-2021 (BRIGHTON, UK) 
Musical Director

2010 - Musical Director 'Personal Life' London (UK):

  • Robert begins to collaborate with vocalist Stuart Lisbie based on his vision of a classic all live jazz-funk group and formed: 'Personal Life' a 10-piece band featuring Stuart's voice, Robert (Songwriter / Producer / Bass player) along with contributing with members from Amy Winehouse's touring band: Xantoné Blacq (Keys), Nathan Allen] (Drums), plus well known London based session musicians Max Grunhard (Sax), Scott Baylis (Trumpet & Flugelhorn), Anselmo Netto (Percussion),  Anna Croad (Violin), Alex Barnes (Cello) and Frida 'Mariama' Touray (Backing Vocals). They had their first CD release on Expansion Records' Luxury Soul 2013 compilation and the debut album was released on UK's Expansion Records as well as Germany's, Tokyo Dawn Records

  • The band's singles were strongly supported by DJ's in the UK as listed many times over on the National, 'UK Soul Chart'. Their song 'Morning Light' hit number three on the top thirty and stayed on the charts for several weeks. The debut album tracks were licensed on 10+ CD and vinyl compilations including: Soul Togetherness (2013), Sounds Of Universal Love (2013), Luxury Soul (2013), Luxury Soul (2014), The Boogie Vol. 4 (2014), Mutants Vol. 2 (2014), Tony Minvielle Presents Into Somethin' (Vol. One) 2015, Luxury Soul (2015) and collectors vinyl.

2016 - HOT ARTTT (Conceptual music / erotic-art project) 

  • Dubbed Japhy 'Saatchi' as a nod to the modern art world, Japhy begins to sing and perform on keyboards again, this time with his performance artist / girlfriend drummer as 'HOT ARTTT'. Although the two-piece conceptual group was short lived, his catalogue of songs were eventually released by Matanga Records,as Japhy Saatchi in 2020 to warm reception.

2021 - Founder & Creative Director of WX//CLTV

Touring and performance:

  • 2000 performed with various bands and as solo singer / songwriter / guitarist in Toronto, Canada (solo, songwriter period)

  • 2005–2008 DJ tours internationally in various countries including: England, Russia, Belgium. Germany, France, Ireland, Greece, Canada as well as major UK events and festivals

  • 2013–2014 performing in Europe and various clubs and festivals as Musical Director in Personal Life

  • 2015- touring China as MD for UK / Chinese artist Fifi Rong

  • 2016- touring Mexico with performance art project: HOT ARTTT


Companies Founded:

  • 2007: Strauss Commercial Creative - Bespoke Music company for Film & TV

  • 2010: WAX Recording Studio - Recording Studio 5 x Locations in East London & UK

  • 2021: WX//CLTV (WAX Collective) a global content company / artist collective and label. 

  • 2022: WX//CLTV: Digital Design Studioproduces NFT's for visual artists and related cultural brands.

Selected Discography:

Touring & Performance
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