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 With a live festival shows, international DJ sets and many 'Spotify official' playlisted release collabs (see herehere and here with WX//CLTV things look super promising for Mexico's Pahua.
"Pahua" is the project of the Mexican singer, songwriter, producer and DJ Paulina Sotomayor; a mix of electronics and folklore that goes beyond sound, represents a very deep part of its creator: femininity, nature, inner strength and self-discovery .
As a child, Pahua learned to play drums and percussions. She eventually formed the band Sotomayor with his brother, of which she is a vocalist and lyricist and with which she has toured throughout Mexico, the United States, Latin America and Europe. In his role as a DJ, Pahua mixes Latin rhythms, like cumbia, salsa and afro cuban sounds, afro house and electronics.
Pahua opens up to the world of folktronica accompanied by lo/fi sounds with sensitivity. Her studio material, makes its way between synthesizers and organic sounds, with vocals and inspiring words with positive messages and great lyrical strength.


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